Foto de Giuliano Varriale

I've started to work with the internet as a web designer, designing and developing websites for digital agencies. During this time, I've learned the foundations like HTML and CSS and a little bit of javascript - mostly, jQuery plugins initializations. The main challenges in this time were related to the layouts and their creative navigations and interactions, since agencies love creating innovative user experiences.

As time went by, the web became more dynamic and interactive. In order to build a better user experience, things like route handling, views rendering and business logic became frontend responsibilities, all of it, provided by javascript and its hundreds of frameworks and libraries. Besides that, nodejs came out, bringing with it an entire new ecosystem full of amazing tools.

I really wanted to work with this new whole environment, so I decided to look for a new job where I could use it in my daily basis. I started to work for a software boutique company called Codeminer where I've learned software design concepts, best practices and, of course, javascript. There, I also had my first experience working in a large code base, which turned completely my thoughts about how to build and maintain a web application.

Since then, I’ve been learning a little bit everyday, developing and improving features for known companies such as Leroy Merlin, Enjoei and Consulta Remédios. Currently, I'm living in the Netherlands, working as a Senior frontend developer for Coolblue